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  • Live Sweet

    Live Sweet, Play Sweet, Run Sweet

    With today’s every 24/7 connectivity to each other (email, facebook, text, instant messaging, twitter, etc.), we are more connected more than anytime in history.  Ironically while we are connected more, we are also less personable, kind, and caring.  While I love technology, I feel it has brought us further apart


    Sweet summer days

    The warm sun, the sweet sounds of the ice cream man, the smell of salt water (or chlorine), and the sight of swings blowing in the summer breeze, no matter your age or upbringing, all of these things elicit memories.  For me, the summer breeze brings me back to days

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    2014 Best Kids Run

    Eleven years ago when we set out to create a charity 5K to raise money and awareness about fetal syndromes, I didn’t want it to be just another charity 5K.  I wanted it to be a celebration of family. I wanted an event that allowed families the opportunity to spend