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    Our attention, our most precious and scarce resource

    Economics, at its core, is how we, as a society, answer how we handle scarcity. Scarcity, by definition in economics, derives from having limited resources and unlimited wants and needs.  We are always valuing  these resources, such as food, shelter, gold, clothing, technology, etc. The list goes on and on

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    Paying it Forward: Denver Family Raises Funds for Fetal Health

    For the Young family – five-year-old twins Conor and Liam and their parents Kate and Randy – taking part in Denver’s 12th Annual Great Candy Run, which benefits the Fetal Health Foundation (FHF), is very important.  They know first-hand that FHF is a real life-saver. In 2009, the happiness Kate

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    Live Sweet, Play Sweet, Run Sweet

    With today’s every 24/7 connectivity to each other (email, facebook, text, instant messaging, twitter, etc.), we are more connected more than anytime in history.  Ironically while we are connected more, we are also less personable, kind, and caring.  While I love technology, I feel it has brought us further apart