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  • JacksonvilleElementary

    Jacksonville Students go for 100!

    The Atlantic Beach event is upon us and we are excited to be 1 in 100 for Jacksonville Beach Elementary students.  We talked in previous posts about running sweet at any age.  This is another shining example. They join together as a group each week to run laps around the

  • Tammy

    Sweet Staff

    When you think of Apple, you cannot help but think of Steve Jobs.  When you think of Disney, you think of Walt himself.  With many of today’s events, do you know who the faces are behind them?  Do you know why they are? We are not only The Great Candy

  • 83 and still running...with a smile!


    The great thing about running events is the inspiration from all ages.  It doesn’t matter if you are participating as an elite runner or out there walking.  Each and every one of you has a story to share and I am fortunate enough to not only meet you, but get